WEEK OF MAY 24 2021

Workouts from our Online Teams!

1x Knee Jump + 1x Box Jump

10 sets, rest as needed between sets


Tempo Back Squat to 1RM (3 second lower) 


3×1 Tempo Back Squat @ 85-90%


Superset: 4 Rounds

20x reverse hyper + 

10x RDL @ 50% of traditional DL 1RM


Superset: 4 Rounds

30m heavy farmer walk with 2x DBs or KBs

25x seated banded leg curl

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10 Minutes Cardio @Conversational Pace


3 x (  8/8 Burt Reynolds + 20 x Straight Arm Banded Pull Down + 15 x DB Lateral Raise)


5×5 Bench Press @ 70% 2:00 rest


Incline Bench Press 5×10 @ 3010 Tempo 60% 1:00 rest


Circuit: 3 Rounds:

15x Incline DB Fly  @ 3010 Tempo

12x DB Pullover @ 3010 Tempo

10x Deficit Push Up @ 3010 Tempo


De-load Week . The purpose of this week is to recharge, both mentally and physically . As we come out of the hard deficit and carb restriction we are looking to rebuild strength and energy and optimize hormones to be anabolic. This is done by reducing the amount of time we spend at high heart rate and be reducing intensity and load. That said this week is not easy and so none of it should be taken lightly. It may not reach extremes but you will certainly have to work for it.

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30 min moderate effort on rower, bike, ski or jog. 


Every 2 minutes, stop and do: 


Min 2: 5 burpee box jumps

Min 4: 10 Bodyweight rows or Ring Rows

Min 6: 20 V-Ups

Min 8: 30 split jumps (15 per side)

Min 10: 40 second hollow rock


(repeat this again for minutes 12-20 and minutes 22-30)


NOTES: The purpose of this session is to move through any movement patterns that may be feeling sore or stiff at this point in the week. Intensity is not the goal! Move through at a moderate but consistent pace. The goal is to be feeling nice and loose by the end. Leave the clock running the whole time! Don’t pause it to complete the accessory movements. So, this workout should take 30 mins total.

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10 Min Bike,Row, Ski-Erg or Jog

10 Dislocates

10 Walking Lunges

10 Push- Press

10 Overhead Squats


10 Min Turkish Get-Up

 (alternate: 1 Left, 1 Right)

Start Light and Progress as needed.


Kettlebell Carry Circuit: 4 Rounds

45 Seconds of Work, 45 Seconds of Rest.

KB Offset Carries (45 work, 45 rest, switch sides.)

Single Arm Over Head Lunge (45 work, 45 rest, switch sides.)

Suitcase Carry (45 work, 45 rest, switch sides.)


4×25 Banded Hamstring Curls

NOTES: Your life and the lives of your loved ones may depend on your ability to carry a heavy load (such as a ruck, a child or your partner.) your CHOICE to carry a heavy load when others can’t or won’t will define you in all aspects of life. Let’s get after it!

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-10 minute cardiovascular effort @ easy pace

3×10 air squat 

3×10 shoulder dislocate

3×10 good morning @ pvc

3×10 overhead squat @ pvc

3×10 barbell RDL


Work up to heavy Sumo Deadlift for today. 


Circuit: 5 rounds

3x Sumo Deadlift @ 70% of today’s total

3x jump squat no weight


Circuit: 4 rounds

10x back extension (GHD or 45 degree)

30 yard bear crawl 

12x DB Push Press

20 cal row @ tempo pace 


5-10 minute cool down

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WEEK OF MAY 17 2021

Workouts from our Affiliate Gyms and Certified Instructors

Warm Up with 10 minute Cardiovascular Effort @ Easy Pace +

Foam Roller +

3×10 Air Squat +

3×10 Shoulder Dislocate +

3×10 Good Morning @ PVC

3×10 OHS @ PVC


“HAM” Hip Mobility


20x Crossover Row +

10x Crossover Pulldown +

10x Crossover Fly +

10x Crossover WY

Rest 2 minutes, Three Blocks


50x ATP Steps @ 2×25# Plates +

20x Jammer Row @ Black Bands +

10x Goblet Squat @ 25# +

3:00 minute Assault Bike @ Moderate Pace +

Rest 2 minutes

Three Blocks

Five Minute Intermission


10x Single Arm KB Bench Press @ 45-53# per Arm +

10x Inverse Curl +

3:00 minute Row @ 20SPM

Rest 2 minutes

Three Blocks


5×10 Freak Push-Up


“Cool Down”

NOTES:  Jordan Dowdy is in a Foundational Phase as we prepare him for BJJ tournament competition in the brown belt category.

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Standard Warmup

800m light sled drag

3×10 bird dog

3×10 KB RDL

30min Row/ski

*Row/ski @ 2k +16/18sec

10min foam roll

NOTES: This session was completed by members following our in house tactical program

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5 min row easy pace

4 Rounds

Inch worm to 5 push ups inch worm return to 10 lunges

Then 5 Rounds

1k Row 3min rest

In rest 10 Burpee jump over stem  of the rower


5min FLR

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5 minute row or cardio of your choice @ easy pace


3×10 band pull apart

3×10 shoulder dislocate

3×10 overhead squat with band or PVC


Primal Movement Complex


Lower Body Prep: 

30 second deck squats + 30 seconds hip bridge + 30 seconds FLR + 30 seconds frog hops


Rest some, 3 rounds


Ab Circuit: 


30 second ring FLR + 

30 second rest*

30 second overhead hold @ 2 moderate KBs + 

30 second rest*

30 second max abmat situps + 

30 second rest*


*10 ball slams during each rest period with 20-25# ball


3 rounds


KB Carry Complex: 


30m Front Rack Carry 

30m Left arm front rack, right arm suitcase carry

30m right arm front rack, left arm suitcase carry


5 rounds

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Warm up:

5 min easy movement 

Band ankle traction / distraction 

Band hip traction / distraction 

5 x cat / camels 

5 x dislocates

5 x wall slides 

10 x mountain climber stretch 

10 x scorpions on stomach 

3 x mountain climber stretch + windmill each arm 2 x each leg 

10 x walking out calves in push up pyramid / downward dog 

10 x scorpions on back 

20 x glute bridge 

10 x lunge and twist 

5 x squat 

5 x jump squats (3 second hold in landing position – shake out between reps) 



Back squat – work up to heavy weight for single reps 


3 x 5 @ 75-85% 1RM Back squat followed by 5 broad jumps




1 turkish get up every minute for 10 minutes ( left on minute 1 right on minute 2) 




10 min complete as many strict  pull ups (1 second hold at top) as possible 



5-10 minutes easy movement 

stretch , self massage any problem areas – anterior shoulder and chest, posterior shoulder, glutes and quads.

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WEEK OF MAY 10 2021

Workouts from our Affiliate Gyms and Certified Instructors


 2 x Worlds Greatest Stretch

2 x 20 Adductor Rocks 

2 x 5 Inch Worms + 20 Toe Taps

2 x 5 Scapula Pull ups

Glute Activation / Priming – 20/20 Clamshells


10/10 SA KB Swing + 60m Suitcase Carry e/s

3 rounds Rest as needed 


4 x 4 BS @ 85% 

*20m Sled Push every set 

Rest 3 minutes 


3 x 10/10 SL RDL

3 x 6 Nordic Curls 

Rest 90 Seconds 


5 DBALL / Sandbag  GTOS

10 calorie Assault Bike 

10 DBALL / Sandbag Squat

10 Calorie Assault Bike 

15 Wall Ball Shots 

10 Calorie Assault Bike 

20 Box Jump Overs

10 calorie Assault Bike 

2 Rounds

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400m moderate paced run with burst of speed

10 x band shoulder dislocates 

20 x band pull apart 

10 x mountain climber stretch 

3 x turkish get ups (each side) 

2 x 20 squat 

2 x 10 jump squat 

5 x  tuck jump

40 m high heel running 

40 meter straight leg march 

6 x 40 m run throughs ( building up pace )

30 x kb swing


For 20 minutes every 30 seconds conduct 5x kb snatches (alternate arms every 30 seconds) 


5 x 400m run

Minimum work rest ratio 1:2 – 3  i.e 1 minute to run 400m, at least 2 – 3 min rest needed 

Record times (aim for consistency) 


5-10 minutes easy movement 

stretch , self massage any problem areas – anterior shoulder and chest, posterior shoulder, glutes and quads. 

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5-10 minute cardio warmup

5x Pull Up 

10x Push Up

20x Pull Apart

15x Band Triceps Push Down




2 board bench press to 3RM (if you don’t have a 2 board, set safety pins to 2-board position)




4×12 Bench Press @ 50% 1RM

*** Use this accessory to strengthen your weakness. If you fail from your chest, use a wide grip. If you fail at lockout, use a close grip.


Superset x5: 

5x Weighted Pull Up + 8x JM Press


Superset x5: 

50x Banded Tricep Pressdown + 50x Banded Face Pull

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5 minute easy cardio effort, mobility and foam rolling as desired


5 push ups
10 broad jumps
15 calorie row

20 box step ups

Take this at a moderate pace, speed up near the end if you’re feeling it but this is just a warmup! 



7x300m row @ 2k PR pace minus one second. 1:30 rest between intervals. 

2 BLOCKS – 5 minute rest between block 1 and 2



15x GHD Sit Up

MAX Dips (to failure)

5x Burpee Box Jump

20x Reverse Lunge (10 each side, heavy DBs)

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10 minute easy row, get warmed up and loose!

3×10 Band Pull Apart + 10x Shoulder Dislocate


6x RDL + 

6x Bent Row + 

6x Hang Clean + 

6x Back Squat + 

6x Push Press

Start with an empty bar, add weight each round. 3-4 rounds


8-20x Bench Press* + 

10m bear crawl + 

5x burpee pull ups + 

10m bear crawl 

*Choose a weight at which you can do 20 unbroken reps. Reps may decrease as you go, hence the prescribed range. 


3×15 Single arm DB Row

3×20 GHD Sit Ups

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WEEK OF MAY 03 2021

Workouts from our Affiliate Gyms and Certified Instructors


Warm Up with 10 minute Assault Bike @ Easy Pace +

Foam Roller +

3×10 Air Squat +

3×10 Shoulder Dislocate +

3×10 Good Morning @ PVC

3×10 OHS @ PVC +

3×10 Push-Up +

3×5 Goblet Squat @ 53# +

2x20yd Lunge


2:00 minute ATP +

3×15 Reverse Hyper


5x Back Squat @ 95# +

3x Back Squat @ 135# +

2x Back Squat @ 165# +

6x Med-Ball Toss Over Pull-Up Bar @ 50# +

10x Ball Slam @ 20# (Max Power, Catch on Bounce!)

Rest 2 minutes

Three Blocks


60yd Clinch Carry @ 70# +

60yd OH Carry @ 40# +

20x KB Swing @ 53# +

60yd Farmer Carry @ 2×72#

20x Lat Pull @ Heavy Bands

Rest 2 minutes

Three Blocks


3:00 minute Assault Bike +

2:00 minute Row +

1:00 minute Ski +

1:00 minute ATP Shadow Box @ 1.5kg Plates +

Rest 2 minutes

Four Blocks


“Cool Down”


Sean Woodson is in camp for his June 5th UFC Fight Night bout vs Youssef Zalal.



50x KBS @ 24/32kg

40x Broad Jumps

30x Ground to Overhead with 34#/45# Plate

20x Box Jumps @ 30# / 40#

10x Burpee Pull Ups 

20x Wall Walks

30x KB Headcutter @ 24/32kg

40x Med Ball Slams @ 25#/35#

50x Burpees 


4000m row 

Split up as desired. Row and other work can happen at the same time, but only one person can be working on the pyramid at a time (i.e. P1 can work on KBS and P2 can row at the same time, but both players cannot do KBS at the same time). Once the row is done, player who is not working can rest. 




5k Ski  *** EMOM 3x push ups


NOTES: This was a goodbye workout for one of our friends who had been visiting us at HQ for the last week! He wanted a fun team workout, and every once in awhile we give the people what they want 🙂


Standard Warmup

5-10min row/ski/bike

5 pull up + 10x push up + 15 band pull apart + 20x mace 360

3 rounds


3×2 Bench press @ 85-90%

4×8 T-bar row 

4×8 seated arnold press

3×60/60 williams press  

250m Row + 10x burpee + 250m row 

for time


NOTES:  This training session was  completed by E26 members following our in house tactical program

Warm Up 5min Ski

10 inch worm

2×10 Goblet Squat

2×15 KB Swing

Then 3 Rounds

6/6 KB Clean to Squat

2min Ski followed by 2min rest

4min rest

6/6 Clean to Lunge

2min Ski followed by 2min rest


100 Band Pull Aparts

100 Banded Tricep Pressdown

NOTES: Stay as consistent as possible on the ski


Standard Warm-up


3×20 banded pull-aparts

3×20 banded lat pull-down

4×15 KB swing increasing weight


5:00 ski erg  *form and flow focus*


200 Cal Ski for time

Every 2:00 (including 0:00) stop ski to complete 4x renegade man maker @ 35/20 DBs

Full recovery rest then

4x :30/:30 work/rest of

Flutter kick w/ 2x DB press out (15-30lbs)

Rest 2:00

4x :30/:30 work/rest of

Hollow body hold


1-6-1 push-up and pull-up ladder