Gym Jones Seminar Series

The Gym Jones Seminar series  three-part course progression designed to help coaches and athletes understand, apply, and exemplify the Gym Jones ethos “The Mind is Primary” and ultimately guide these individuals toward becoming Fully Certified Instructors. 

Throughout the course of the three seminars, attendees will receive one-on-one coaching, participate in classroom instruction, listen to expert lectures, and test themselves both physically and mentally with grueling workouts.

Although the seminar process was designed to help our instructors achieve Fully Certified status, anyone interested in bettering themselves will benefit from attending.  Industry  professionals, passionate athletes, and fitness enthusiasts have all found success at our seminars.

Level One

Fundamentals Seminar

The Fundamentals Seminar is the point of departure; where the old fitness paradigm ends and full immersion in ‘The Mind is Primary’ training philosophy begins.

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Level One (Tactial)

Tactical Fundamentals Seminar

The Tactical Seminar covers our Fundamentals curriculum, with an emphasis on programming for operational readiness and the integration of state-of-the-art laser based firearm simulation technology. 

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Level Two

Intermediate  Seminar

The Intermediate Seminar is focused on the Gym Jones Foundations programming methodology and practical application. This is where theory and practice merge.

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Level Three

Advanced Seminar

The Advanced Seminar is the apex of the Gym Jones Seminar series, where athletes and coaches test their limits and prove they are ready for the final step of the Certified Instructor process.

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