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Our newest programs are the most successful 8-week cycles from our online teams, tested by online athletes and perfected by our coaches to maximize results. Pick a program, make an account on TrainHeroic and get the entire program delivered to you today to follow at your own pace!


BEST OF Gym Jones Cult Classic

General fitness programming designed to improve overall strength and conditioning. This is an advanced program that includes 3 days of conjugate strength paired with 3 days of conditioning work focused on the rower and the assault bike that is sure to lead to personal bests across the board.

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BEST OF Gym Jones Movie Prep

Strength + hypertrophy programming written for maximum aesthetic results. Strength, hypertrophy, and cut micro cycles designed to achieve your dream aesthetic in just 9 weeks

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BEST OF Gym Jones Tactical

Conjugate style program written with an emphasis on conditioning and work capacity. Designed for tactical athletes and first responders who need to remain operation ready all year round.

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BEST OF Gym Jones Strength, Power, Aggression

Grueling cycle focused on developing real world strength and power in the gym. Additional focus on recovery, including 4x guided mobility sessions per week designed to compliment the strength work done that day.

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