By Cate Williams

I spent some time with  Kenny Bigbee Jr ahead of the launch of his new Train Like a SEAL team. Introducing him is no small task.

It’s not often you meet someone like Kenny Bigbee, Jr. The first thing you’ll notice is his energy; not just the quantity (think a toddler on a sugar high), but also his ability to share it the minute you’re in his presence. He greets you with a purposeful handshake and a direct gaze, and from that moment on, you feel as if his sole purpose is to inject new energy and motivation directly into your veins. He shares this spirit liberally—with everyone from his friends to his students to his Uber drivers. His “I’ll-have-what-he’s-having” charisma is boundless and infectious.

You’ll also be struck by Kenny’s sincerity.  He often says things like, “You don’t have to be the best, but you can never fail to be your best.”   Coming from someone else, these words might feel trite and contrived—like a line from an ad campaign for a tennis shoe.  But when Kenny says them, you know he means it.  His pump-up talks and motivational wisdom are not cheesy or rehearsed.  They’re real and raw—truths he trains, eats, breathes, and lives.

Kenny takes flight.

Kenny’s path to coaching was atypical.  Along the way, he experienced homelessness in California, received prestigious dance scholarships, suffered at the hands of an IT school bully, hid in the Navy because his eyesight wasn’t good enough, and became one of only two black Navy SEALs in his recruited class. And since leaving the Navy, he’s kept himself busy by casually doing things like swimming across the Hudson.  No bio can adequately capture the depth and breadth of his experience, but you can get a small taste by hearing him describe his journey here.

Kenny came to Gym Jones by way of Tuhon Jared Wihongi. Kenny’s experiences being coached and mentored by Jared inspired him to be a better coach himself. “Tuhon Jared is a phenomenal coach and motivator,” Kenny recounts.  “ His success as a mentor is because of his willingness to meet you exactly where you’re at and do whatever is necessary to take you from right there to being your best self.” Kenny tries to exemplify this in his own coaching. “You don’t need to be an elite athlete to train like one,” he says. “You don’t need to be a SEAL to train like one. Start with who you are and aspire to be more.”

Kenny encourages Buck Grant in a Gym Jones Tactical Seminar

This ethos is the guiding philosophy for Kenny’s Gym Jones team. Is the team for aspiring Navy SEALs only? Absolutely not. But it is for anyone who wants to train with the goal of bettering themselves every single day. “We have a  saying in the SEAL teams that the only easy day was yesterday,” he says. “Tomorrow will always be harder, because tomorrow you’ll be stronger and more capable. We’re going to get you to best yourself over and over until you become your best self.”

Kenny wants to coach his athletes in the strength, conditioning, and mental fortitude he gained while training as a SEAL that he’s found applicable in everything he does. “Lots of people have a training method they think is ‘right’ and therefore other methods that they perceive to be ‘wrong’,” he says. “In my experience it isn’t finding the right training method that is most important, but finding one that is relevant to who you are and what your goals are.” How do you find that? Try it and see, he says. “If something is getting you closer to your goals, that’s relevant training.”

Being with Kenny is an enriching, empowering, and strengthening experience.  Training with Kenny, even more so.  Join his Gym Jones team and experience his infectious energy, immensity, and intensity for yourself.  Kenny’s Train Like a SEAL team opens for registration next week, and the first day of programming is Monday January 31st. Check our social media for updates and shoot us a line below if you have questions!

Join Kenny’s Team, Gym Jones Train Like a SEAL, today!

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