With our next Combined Seminar coming up at Project Deliverance in St Louis, MO, we decided to take a minute to answer your questions about why we created the seminar and what to expect!


Gym Jones

Why did you create the Gym Jones Combined Seminar? 

We originally created the Fundamentals + Intermediate combined Seminar in 2019 to help streamline the seminar process for attendees who were ready to go through the curriculum at an accelerated pace, and/or need to do both seminars in close succession for logistical reasons. In 2020, as travel became increasingly difficult and the pandemic situation was changing on a monthly basis, we decided to host more Combined Seminars in order to allow those who were ready to go through the process quickly when travel and social distancing restrictions eased.

How long is the seminar?

Three days: day one covers the Fundamentals curriculum, and day two and three cover the Intermediate curriculum.

Who can attend the combined seminar? 

Technically: anybody! However, we recommend that you come with a solid knowledge of programming concepts and preferably familiarity with the Gym Jones training style. The Combined  weekend is much more intense than either single seminar experience, and the attendees who get the most out of the Combined Seminar are the ones who come overly prepared. If you’re unsure if you’re ready, feel free to reach out to any of our Fully Certified instructors, or to us directly (

What should I expect?

A lot of learning and a lot of training. You’ll do all the main workouts from both seminars, so be prepared to challenge yourself physically. In between your workouts, you’ll be listening to lectures, so be prepared for lots of sitting as well! 

What do  I miss out on by attending the Combined Seminar, vs. attending Fundamentals and Intermediate separately?

Because the Intermediate seminar involves quite a bit of review to refresh your memory on what was taught in Fundamentals, we’ve been able to combine the curriculum fairly seamlessly into three days without cutting  any of the learning material. You won’t miss out on any of the main workouts, either. The only potential downside is missing the opportunity to meet two different groups of athletes and coaches, as you likely would by attending the Fundamentals and Intermediate seminars separately.

Can I attend just one part of the curriculum? (i.e. attend just the Fundamentals days or just Intermediate days)

If you’ve already attended Fundamentals, you can attend just the Intermediate portion of the seminar (Days 2 and 3) with the option of re-attending day 1 to review the Fundamentals curriculum. Email us for information about how to register. At this time we do not allow first-time attendees to attend ONLY Fundamentals at the Combined Seminar.

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