As a kid whose life revolved around wrestling and Schwarzenegger movies, Mohamed was encouraged to experiment all kinds of sports; soccer, swimming, tennis, and basketball. But he never found himself in any, He always repelled the idea, it wasn’t for him.  Dumbells, weights and bodybuilders’ physique tempted him more. At the age of 15 he went to a globo gym and found himself in this world of bodybuilding doing  push-ups, pull-ups and sit-ups. Gaining lean muscle mass, getting stronger and bulkier every day, After 7 years of doing bodybuilding,  He got stiff and couldn’t enjoy his strength outside the gym. – He started CrossFit in 2014. After 1 year of training and hitting PRs with no proper teaching or a healthy mindset for direction, he got himself a back injury doing heavy back squats.  He has gotten strong but needed guidance. Looking for that, he started to search, read about Strength and Conditioning and found that there was so much knowledge he was missing and could help others progress and stay injury free. From this point, Mohamed shifted his mindset from being a competitive crossfit athlete to being a professional Coach. – Finished his MSc degree in Marketing in Swansea University in the UK, had his first Marketing position in a multinational company. It didn’t take him long to realize that corporate life was not his thing. He was a part time Coach at the time, but wanted more so he quit this job. Striving to learn more he finished his Crossfit L1 certificate in 2016 in Madrid, all five modules of Opex CC and along the way CF Weightlifting, CPPS from Defranco & Joe Smitty and Exos mentorship phase 1.                                             

 Mohamed knew his Gym Jones dream will come true one day. He knew he wanted to be a fully certified instructor. He was attracted to this motto “the mind is primary”. The Gym Jones journey started in Breda in the Netherlands in 2018 by attending the Gym Jones Fundamentals Seminar, with Jake Hutch. He gained and applied knowledge on the spot, the year following it he attended the Intermediate seminar where the “why” behind the GJ programming was revealed and applied.  Finally in September 2019, He attended the apex of Gym Jones which is the advanced seminar and luckily finished his Internship there. He trained and coached at this time and got a closer look at the Gym jones community and essence. Training with Michael Hulcher showed what it is like to be a leader and a professional coach. He was honored to learn from him. Genuine care about the people and their progress is what makes a great Coach. On the other hand, Coaching and interacting with the community there showed him that this place is like no other; every person there inspires in a way.   “ I’m now Co-founder & Head Coach of “The Republic Strength & Conditioning”, it’s a movement before being a gym. It’s a community of like-minded individuals who believe that hard work, commitment and dedication are the only factors that lead to success. We use functional training as a tool for self-discovery and change. The Gym Jones philosophy is applied here where no short-cuts, no free lunch and no magic pill”