Whether it was a pick-up game in the backyard or collegiate football at the University of Rhode Island, Dan has always thrived on competition. The fact that he entered college as a preferred walk-on and earned a full athletic scholarship and starting role by his sophomore year is all you really need to know to understand the work ethic and commitment to training that has fueled him throughout his life. During his college years, offseason training was always done at Varsity House Gym with Joe Riggio. In Dan’s senior year at URI, he pitched Joe on an expansion plan and three months after graduating the two were business partners. Currently, Dan oversees the training of over forty collegiate level athletes every summer, while also training children and adults on a day-to-day basis, ranging from middle school athletes to the professional sports level.   Dan is always looking for his next mountain to climb, and Gym Jones has not disappointed. The thought of being surrounded by a group of like-minded individuals and being physically and mentally challenged has pushed Dan to new training heights. Attending seminars with Bobby Maximus in Utah and London has propelled his understanding of his own body and mind, and further improved his gift to motivate and impart that knowledge onto others.