Ryan is the cofounder of Iron Village S&C, located in Beverly, MA. Having grown up playing a range of sports, Ryan found his niche playing competitive soccer and football and eventually went on to graduate from Boston College where he was a member of the varsity football team. Continuing to play football competitively after graduation along with a deepening involvement in the martial arts Uechi Ryu and Aikido, Ryan combined the need for an effective training template and the desire for additional knowledge and sought out on a quest to learn a variety of training modalities and philosophies. Having had an opportunity to train under the tutelage of several highly regarded strength and conditioning coaches including Mike Boyle, Greg Finneran and John Whitesides, Ryan’s real inspiration came through the writings, training methodologies and ethos of Gym Jones. This ultimately led to Ryan’s travelling to Gym Jones in SLC, the first visit resulting in an experience that left Ryan feeling inspired, humbled and eager to learn more. The psychological underpinnings of the Gym Jones training philosophy coupled with a tangible, results-driven training approach resonated loudly with Ryan, and thus began the first of several trips he would make back to SLC to continue to learn and train from those entrusted with carrying the Gym Jones torch. Ryan ultimately completed the Gym Jones level I, II and III seminars and throughout his internship had the opportunity privilege and to learn and train directly under Bobby Maximus as well as to provide assistance to level I and level II seminar attendees. Using the principles learned and applied at Gym Jones, Ryan has sought to create an environment for trainees forged on an ethos of hard work, a willingness to suffer and commitment to surpassing self-imposed limitations.