Matt Owen is the owner and founder of Project Deliverance in St. Louis, Missouri. He graduated from Lindenwood University with a Bachelors of Science in Exercise Science and went on to earn a Masters of Science in Human Performance also from Lindenwood. Matt was a four year varsity letterman and team captain on the Lindenwood Lions Track & Field team. He also spent two years during graduate school training, counseling, and preparing short and long sprinters for competition in addition to managing Project Deliverance. Although Matt’s collegiate track and field career ended in May of 2010, he continues to train hard and compete in open track meets specializing in the short sprints and long jump events. Each season, Matt spends his winter and spring months competing and challenging himself against the best collegiate and professional sprinters and jumpers in the Midwest. During the spring semester of his freshman year of college, Matt discovered Gym Jones. The project itself resonated so strongly with him that it changed the direction of his college education, training, and the prospect of life after college and athletics. That following summer, Matt started Project Deliverance out of his parent’s garage as a way to stay in shape for the upcoming track season. He spent most of the summer scraping together equipment, studying the Gym Jones training calendar, and training a handful of his close friends out of the garage. In 2008, Matt attended his first seminar at Gym Jones and has since spent a significant amount of time at the gym learning and developing his set of skills as a trainer, coach, and athlete. Since his first days in the gym, Matt has attended, completed, as well as assisted at the Fundamentals, Intermediate, and Advanced seminars at Gym Jones. In order to complete his undergraduate degree at Lindenwood, Matt was privledged to become the first student intern at Gym Jones. In that three week period, he had the opportunity to learn, work, and train alongside Bobby Maximus and the other trainers at Gym Jones. The culmination of many years of work, education, and development has earned Matt the opportunity to be considered a Gym Jones disciple and fully certified instructor. Since it’s founding in 2007, Project Deliverance has moved to a warehouse location in the South City area of St. Louis. The gym itself specializes in training athletes of all calibers as well as those who are willing to suffer in order to improve as a result. Project Deliverance offers group, one on one, and also remote training and coaching solutions. As a trainer and coach, Matt has extensive experience in the development of speed, power, power endurance, and running technique on and off of the track but is also just as capable of training endurance athletes or those who are just training for general physical preparedness.