While a basic level of strength may be developed during the Foundation period meaningful strength must be trained in a focused, progressive manner. A cycle of Strength emphasis should feature a combination of heavy lifting, fast lifting, slow lifting, and a lot of jumping. There should be little redundancy, meaning it’s not all deadlifting all of the time. The workouts should not be crippling, and some will feel “too easy” but the point is to cause adaptation with the bare minimum of work.

We assume a general fitness emphasis, i.e. the user is not solely focused on strength at the expense of other capacities. There are twelve hard workouts in this four-week cycle. Eight are dedicated to strength. Four influence other contributing characteristics. Workouts apart from the 12 difficult sessions are aimed at recovery.

Without a solid Foundation you have no business entering a Strength phase. The ability to objectively judge one’s fitness is an important aspect of programming but one that many people don't have the ability to do. As a general guide we believe achieving the following “prerequisites” should precede a cycle of strength-specific training: 

2x Bodyweight Deadlift 
1.5x Bodyweight Front Squat 
1.25x Bodyweight Clean 
1x Bodyweight Overhead Squat 
1x Bodyweight Bench Press

What we consider a solid Foundation includes the ability to execute the “prerequisites” as well as a good work capacity and technical competence with each lift. If you lack any of these capacities continue building a Foundation before undertaking this phase of training.

This One Month program requires the participant to workout 6 days per week. There is 1 rest day per week. 


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