This is an 84 day program written by Kurtis Frasier. It is intended for those interested in pursuing military selection for Special Operations. However, anyone interested in becoming more fit and seeing what it takes to prepare for selection can benefit by completing this program. 

This is a challenging program and you should read over the general strength and fitness recommendations he makes at the bottom. If you have any questions, feel free to post them to the forums. We're here to help.

For information about this program and prerequisites, please read Kurtis Frasier's article, Selection Prep.




Deadlift 2x Body weight

Max weighted pull up = 80# or more

Back Squat 1.75x body weight

Overhead Press body weight

Front Squat 1.5x body weight

Turkish Get Up 50% Body Wight

Overhead Squat 1.25x Body Weight



 Strength Endurance

Deadlift 225# for max reps = 25x or more

Bench press body weight for max reps = 15x or more

Back squat body weight 50x or more without racking the bar

Dips unbroken for max reps = 25x or more

15x strict pull up without dropping from the bar

2-minute max push-ups to APFT standards = 80x or more

Body weight farmers carry for 150m 

2-minute max sit-ups to APFT standards = 80x or more




Power Endurance

Secret Service 10min KB Snatch Test: 175x or more @ 53#

100x Man Maker @ 2x30# DB @ 30:00.00 or less

2-mile run in kit @ 16:00.00 or less

5x 15ft Rope climbs 

10-minute max rep Sandbag Get-up @ 50% body weight: 50x or more

200m 1.5x body weight sled drag in kit


Cardiovascular Recommendations

400m run @ 1:00 or less

500m row/ski @ 1:30.00 or less

2-mile run @ 12:50 or less

2k row/ski @ 7:00 or less

5-mile run @ 38:00 or less

5k row/ski @ 19:00 or less

60min run @ 8-minute per mile average

60min row/ski @ 15,000m or more

12-mile Ruck w/50# pack @ 2:50:00.00 or less

21,097m Row/Ski @ 1:30:00.00 or less


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