This program is designed for the aged athlete who is someone we consider to be “Intermediate”. The person is not a beginner or new to the gym and has a good knowledge of exercises but is also not an advanced athlete. The volume of this program is 6-7 hours per week of training.


 The reality is that as we age and the wear and tear on our bodies increases we need to make alterations to our training program. As time goes on injuries add up, life takes it toll, and things that used to work in the gym begin to hurt us.


We all have some kind of history. Whether that history involves playing a professional sport or sitting a desk we have all accumulated imbalances and injuries that must be addressed while helping us perform at the highest level possible.


This program is aimed at the aged athlete. It is written for the person who wants to still maintain a high level of performance and wants to maintain peak physical condition but also could do without the sore knees, shoulders and back. There is an enormous emphasis in this program on shoulder and hamstring health which helps mobility and injury proofing. This is the first block in a three month plan. This block will help you build the proper base so you can properly execute the subsequent programs.


The reality is that life is long. It doesn’t end when you are 40, 50, or even 60. The goal is to stay in the game as long as humanly possible. This means altering the weights, number of so-called hard days, the movements but it doesn’t mean altering the level of success. Its not “less”, it’s not “reduced”, its just “different’.




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