Once adequate “slow” strength has been achieved (“adequate” is determined by the objective) it is time to move on to a Power Phase. A Power cycle should increase the rate of force production and overall speed without compromising peak force capacity.

Our objective is to increase Power related to locomotion and external object control so our perspective on Power includes cardio-vascular power, explosiveness, speed, and speed-endurance. The goal of the cycle is to teach the neuromuscular coordination necessary to increase recruitment and firing speed of existing muscle, to change pure (slow) force production developed during previous phases into rapid force production. Power gains improve Power-endurance and further solidify the Foundation.

This Power month includes 12 hard workouts. Eight of these are dedicated to power development. Workouts apart from these 12 are aimed at recovery. If you aren't going hard you may as well go easy. In this context, medium is pointless. 

If you have not built a solid foundation then you have no business entering a Power phase. The ability to objectively judge your fitness is an important aspect of programming. Don't ignore it. And don't be greedy.

We advise you to achieve the following “prerequisites” before attempting this program:

2x Bodyweight Deadlift 
1.5x Bodyweight Front Squat 
1.25x Bodyweight Clean 
1x BW Jerk 
1x Bodyweight Overhead Squat 
Familiarity with the Snatch movement

Having worked to achieve the “prerequisites” should also have produced an adequate work capacity. Lacking this tolerance you won't recover from the key workouts, which imposes more recovery between them, work density declines and performance goals may not be reached. Pour the foundation first. Then build the house. You should also be comfortable with the techniques of each lift before you enter this phase of training.

This program requires 6 training days per week (3 Key Workouts, 3 Recovery Workouts) 


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