This program is similar to make-up and design of the first and second 'Operator Fitness' programs. It is intended as a follow-up to those programs. 

Like, The One-Month Operator Fitness program I & II, this program is designed to develop the general fitness characteristics needed by individuals who must be “fit for whatever comes next”, 12 months out of the year, across the entire fitness continuum. 

The program is essentially a Foundation period because we expect that few operators will have time (or need) to focus on developing specific characteristics in the same way an athlete peaking for a particular event may require. Remember, training to achieve and maintain 60-70% across the fitness continuum is different than training to reach 95% of capacity in a single area. Therefore the program has an even mix of strength, power endurance, and endurance type work. 

Due to the varying demands placed upon the operator (i.e. possible deployment to high altitude mountain terrain) there is an emphasis placed upon single leg strength and so-called "core" strength. 

The program lasts one month and requires a training commitment of 6 days per week. During the week there are three key workouts (i.e. strength, circuit, accumulation), two recovery based workouts, and one endurance workout. This endurance workout should be done with a light pack and should also be done on terrain with some kind of elevation gain.  

Even though that this is a follow-up to the 'Operator Fitness' program you could do them in reverse order. They are essentially interchangeable. 


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