Having "no equipment" is not a valid excuse to let your fitness slide. From time to time one might need to train with minimal or no equipment. 

This "No Gear" training plan is a one month training program that requires a commitment of 6 days per week. 

Overall this program is considered a Foundation period because, without equipment (in this context), one can only develop general fitness. When there is a lack of equipment most workouts end up being classified as power endurance or endurance. Workouts aimed at developing a high level of strength or explosive power require access to equipment and weights. That said, a high level of general fitness may be achieved in very austere circumstances and this plan aims to do that. 

This "No Gear" plan, if followed strictly by a relative beginner, will be crippling. However, someone with a good training history will be able to handle the workload. It will not be easy. It WILL produce results. And it leaves no way out: excuses like, "I don't have X, Y, or Z gear so I can't do it" are moot. 

The key determinants of success in this program are your will, and your desire.


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