The following one month training plan is based on a lead-up to a fight I had on March 29th. It follows a 5 day "on" and 2 day "off" format. 

As a rule I find it important to stay in shape for most of the calendar year regardless of a competition schedule. During this time it is important to continue building strength, developing greater work capacity and injury proofing the body for the real training which begins the weeks before the fight. During this period the engine is redlined in order to develop the highest level of fitness possible for the task at hand

During periods before a fight I aim to complete 10 workouts per week. All of the workouts are high intensity in nature. Ten training sessions are the most I can handle without burying myself too deep. I do 5 gym-based training sessions and 5 fight-based training sessions. More actual fight specific training could be done if the number of gym based workouts were reduced or done at a moderate level but this high-intensity training plan seems to work best to suit my both physical and emotional needs. The large amount of volume done in the gym helps my confidence and psychological wellbeing before the fight. It is possible to maintain or develop the same level of fitness with less work (i.e. three sessions a week) but I will always rank my psychological needs over my physical needs when it comes to competition. At a professional level fitness should be a given, therefore the mind is primary. I do not recommend this approach for everyone. Through years of competition I have come to realize that if I do not do this type of volume my mental health suffers so performance suffers regardless of the level of conditioning I have attained.

If you adjust this workload downward to concentrate more on fight technique (recommended) you may drop a couple of sessions per week. 


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