This training plan is based on a five-week period in November and December of 2007 that our fighters (we use the term loosely since most compete in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, submission grappling, and judo though a couple do MMA) completed. This period, late in the year for them offers a 2-4 month break from competition so in 2007 we focused on strength and power development, letting power endurance slide a bit. This plan was written for the group, all of whom have similar training history and experience (two to two-and-a-half years training here), all have been studying BJJ for almost a decade, all are similar in size and bodyweight (5’10”, 175# as an average) though there are couple taller or lighter. Johnny scaled back prior to competing at Grapplers Quest on December 1st otherwise most followed the plan.

The emphasis is on strength and power although there are some workouts classified as power endurance.

The month features a lot of pulling. I had the guys pull in some way almost every day. After all, it’s what a BJJ player and grappler does.

In addition to the workout sessions each individual also trains 5-10 times per week in BJJ, judo, boxing, take-downs, etc. Because the intensity and duration are variable, it is difficult to understand how the sport-specific practice affects strength and conditioning training, and vice-versa without seeing the athletes regularly, which I do. Their daily condition affects whether we follow the training plan exactly, scale it back, or add on to it. Each session begins with an interview and we adapt accordingly. This training plan is not done in a vacuum. It is right for this group, for these individuals.

If you follow this program you may have to adjust the intensity of the sessions to account for your sport specific training. 

The Rest days of this program are not necessarily rest days as you most likely will be participating in your sport but they are a rest from "gym work". 

The follow-up cycle to a program like this this would normally be a 3-4 week emphasis on explosive power. After that you could move into a power endurance specific phase. 


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