This month is dedicated to Mass Gain and Hypertrophy. There are four 'hard' days per week: two are dedicated to upper body work and two are dedicated to lower body work. The other days in the week are dedicated to rest and recovery. In order for this program to work you have to be willing to go hard enough on the hard days but be disciplined enough to go easy on the easy days. 

The workouts this month are long. Some require up to 2 hours in the gym at a time. Plan your time appropriately. 

Gaining weight is easy. The formula is eat, sleep, and train. Gaining so-called "functional" weight and staying relatively lean is not so easy. The training is extremely difficult. Extra attention must be paid to diet and sleep. Also recovery practices must be emphasized so that the body can handle the large volume of work necessary. 

This program in one month in length and could potentially be repeated with a week of recovery in between each month. You could also do this program after completing the first mass gain program in the training plan section. The program requires a well developed foundation and high level of fitness going in. There is a large amount of volume and also requires a big commitment to diet and recovery. If you are not fully committed this may not be the program for you. 

This program also places a fair amount of stress on the shoulders. If you have any shoulder issues fix them before embarking on this program. 


Diet is going to be an important factor in mass gain. Arguably it is as important if not more important than the training itself. You will need to get your nutrition dialed in. The knowledge article "Eat For An Objective" may be of assistance. 


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