This is an introductory three-month marathon training plan for a person wishing to compete in their first or second marathon.

To complete the program you must be capable of running 25-50 miles per week.

This is an introductory program. The key to the success of this program is your ability to execute all of the required workouts. Some of the running sessions are governed by heart rate and for those runs you may use a HRM if you know your Maximum Heart Rate (MHR). If you don’t then use the following guidelines:

<70% MHR = Easy pace, no stress, should be able hold conversation throughout

75-80% MHR = Generally a conversational pace but includes intermittent periods of labored breathing - usually influenced by terrain changes - so the pace becomes “choppy conversational”

85-90% MHR = conversation unlikely, single syllables possible

90-95% MHR = talk not possible, hard-hard effort

Loads for the gym sessions may also require adjustment depending on work capacity and fitness history. For example during the two-minute “free aerobic exercise” portion of an IWT (i.e. rowing) you are asked to row 500m. This may be too little for some individuals and too much for others. Adjust upward or downward as needed. Remember that during IWTs you are aiming to work at 90% of your MHR during the cardiovascular portions. 

Finally, if you have a large work capacity and the time you may add 60-minute easy pace runs during the weight or IWT days. These should be done 4-5 hours after the weighted workout is complete. Never before.


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