This program is the follow-up to the "Foundation (Women)" program that is already on the site. 

There is a significant amount of work in this program, even more so than the first program and it may not be suitable for a beginner. In fact I would only do this program if you have completed the first Women's Foundation program. 

I would expect that before undertaking this program an individual have at least a six month training history and be familiar with all of the exercises in the program.

Also it is required that you test some 1RM as this program relies on working percentages not just general weights. The tests you need are written into the workouts of this program so there is no need to "pre-test". 

As with any program numbers still may need to be adjusted depending on individual fitness level and substitutions for exercises may need to be made. 

This program is lasts one month and requires a commitment of 6 days a week to training. 

Program written by Rob "Maximus" MacDonald, GM & Training Director of Gym Jones

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