This is a Foundation 2 strength phase with a special emphasis on squatting for size and strength, overhead pressing power, and overall shoulder health and stability. You should have a very solid strength foundation as well as a highly trained work capacity before attempting this program. The volume is high and intensity increases each week. If you’re not on top of your recovery practices (more than adequate sleep and a heightened focus on your nutrition and hydration, as well as general body maintenance like foam rolling and plenty of walking on your rest days) then this program absolutely will catch up to you. Keep dedicated training logs and track your progress. The workload can be devastating or absolutely effective. The difference between the two will likely come down recovery and nutrition.


Please note that this program calls for 90% of your actual 1RM. Don’t assume that you can use 100% of your lifetime best and achieve the same results. Allow some space for continual strength gains. Push as hard as you can on your AMRAP sets (as many reps as possible).


Those considering this program should have the following prerequisite lifts and power endurance numbers:

2x body weight back squat 

15x body weight bench press

2.25x body weight deadlift 

1.75x body weight front squat 

0.75x body weight strict overhead press

10x strict chest to bar pull ups 

Sub 7:00 2000m row 


Sub 7:10 2000m ski 


This program can be repeated for a total of 8 weeks. Simply increase your training max (1RM = 90%) by 5# for upper body lifts and 10# for lower body lifts. You could take a week after the deload week and retest your 1RM lifts if you’d like.

This program requires a 5 day per week commitment to training, with 2 rest days. 

Program written by Michael Hulcher

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