This is a program designed for the person looking to increase their level of GPP (General Physical Preparedness) or "all around fitness" and also wants to incorporate the rower or wants to specifically improve their performance on the rowing machine.

The program itself is pretty simple and straight forward. It requires 6 days a week of effort with one day set aside for rest and recovery. Three Days a week include lifting, strength work, and power endurance work. Three days a week are spent specifically on the rower. That said rowing is included almost every training day. 

The training intensities are designed for an individual who can row a 2000m in 7:00 minutes or less. In my opinion if you cannot row a sub 7:00 minute 2000m then you don't need a program, you need an attitude adjustment and something called work ethic.

The program culminates with a 2k rowing test. It may be valuable or "interesting" to test your 2k time prior to embarking on this program so you can map improvement.

This program is based on old fashioned hard work. If you do the work at the proper intensity and give it an honest effort you will be successful. 


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