A "Foundation" is a period of time that an individual learns technique, corrects imbalances, builds a work capacity, and also pays attention to all energy systems (strength, power, power endurance, endurance). 

Some people are in a "Foundation" for a short period of time before moving onto more specialized training (i.e. strength, sport specific). Some people are in a "Foundation" for extended periods of time. 

This program could follow the first high level foundation program that is on the site or it could be done later on in a periodized schedule (i.e. Foundation, Strength, Power, Power Endurance, Endurance, Foundation, Strength, Etc).

We find that most people overestimate their current level of fitness. We have some prerequisites that you need to hit before attempting this program. These are those prerequisites: 

2x Bodyweight DL 
Bodyweight Overhead Squat 
1.5x Bodyweight Front Squat 
Bodyweight Clean 
Bodyweight Jerk 

Row 500m in 1:35 
Row 2000m in 7:00 minutes (7:15 if you are under 165#) 
Row 5000m in 18:30 (19:00 minutes if you are under 165#) 

Often times people automatically assume that "High Level" is better. That is not necessarily the case. In the context of exercise programming it may actual be detrimental to enter into a program of this volume and intensity if you are not ready for it. If you do not hit all of these prerequisites you may want to revisit the basic or three month foundation. 

This program lasts one month and requires 6 days of work per week. 

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