Several Salvation members have asked for a "High Level" foundation program.

The term "High Level" is often misused. We find that most people overestimate their current level of fitness and rank themselves higher on the food chain than is actually true. They fancy their fitness "High Level" when they are anything but.

People often assume that, if they have simply put time in for the past six months (i.e. show up at the gym), they are ready for or need a specialized program.

That is rarely the case.

When one asks for a new program I assume it is because he or she has hit a fitness plateau. If you think you have hit a plateau it is important to ask yourself few questions.

"Did I put enough effort into my previous program? 
Is my nutrition correct and appropriate? 
Have I been getting enough sleep?"

These are usually the primary causes of hitting a plateau, not the programming.

To help people determine if they are truly ready for a "High Level" program I have included here some recommended prerequisites, which an individual should achieve before increasing the intensity, volume and complexity of their training program: 

2x Bodyweight DL 
Bodyweight Overhead Squat 
1.5x Bodyweight Front Squat 
Bodyweight Clean 
Bodyweight Jerk 

Row 500m in 1:35 
Row 2000m in 7:00 minutes (7:15 if you are under 165#) 
Row 5000m in 18:30 

If you are unable to do the prerequisite lifts/rowing then the "High Level Foundation" program may not be appropriate. Train harder, learn all you can and come back later when you can actually complete the prerequisites.

The listed prerequisites are not that difficult and are fitness tests that I believe everyone should be able to pass if they have been truly putting in the proper effort. If you can't meet them address your effort and dedication before doing this program.

This program lasts three months and requires 5-6 days of work per week. 

There are recommended substitutions placed in the program for those who do not have access to a facility like ours and whose training facility is more similar to a Globo Gym.

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