Each week I make it a point to train at a "Globo Gym". I do so to create workouts I can put into these programs, to get access to equipment we don't have at the gym, and honestly I do so because I enjoy the social aspect. I'm not dragged down by the people there who have no true interest in hard training. On the other hand there are some very hard working people there who have figured it out, who "get it", and who have inspired me. Don't blame your gym for your lack of fitness, blame yourself. The problem lies within. I have never left a "Globo Gym" complaining that I didn't get my fill. 

This program is intended as a follow up to the first two "Globo Gym" programs that are already on the site but it could be used as a stand alone. This program could also be repeated for a few months. It requires a commitment of 6 days per week. Each workout ranges in time from 60 miniutes to 90 minutes. It is more complex in nature and more difficult than the first two "Globo Gym" programs and also contains an extra day of training. There are two high intensity IWT style workouts per week. This training program requires a good base of fitness going in. Remember that during these workouts that intensity is the key. The days of just showing up and going through the motions are over. Be prepared to push yourself. You may progress the training by increasing weight, decreasing rest between sets, changing the speed of each rep (faster and more explosive, slower to increase time under tension, etc), and/ or add sets to increase volume as your work tolerance improves.

Remember that “Not having the proper equipment” is just another excuse. While it is nice to have equipment all you really need to become more fit is an empty room and a lot of willpower. 


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