“Not having the proper equipment” is just another excuse.

It is true we are fortunate here to have access to bumper plates, balls to slam, and ropes to pull but the reality is that if we lost all of these things we would still figure out how to train ourselves, and how to improve and maintain fitness.

While every town or city may not have a place to drop plates and do so-called “functional” exercises, every town does have what we call a “Globo Gym”. This is your typical big box gym like a Gold’s or a 24-Hour Fitness.

If you have a good attitude towards training there is no problem having a membership at a "Globo Gym". There are dedicated individuals who work plenty hard in these gyms every day. Just don’t get dragged down by the people there who want to watch TV and hit on prospective sexual conquests. Make a good playlist, head out to the gym, and get to work. I’ve heard the excuse “I get dragged down by the people at the "Globo Gym”. I don’t buy it. A truly committed person doesn’t get dragged down. They rise above it. There have been extended periods of time that both Mark and myself have had to train at a "Globo Gym" and we still found ways to make it work for our needs. Sometimes it is actually fun to train in a social atmosphere. I still maintain a membership at one of these gyms. It is all what you make of it.

The workouts in the program are simple but effective. Feel free to make substitutions to account for equipment availability but follow the same format, i.e. if your gym has a rowing machine you could use it instead of the treadmill or the Stepmill.

This program is intended as a follow up to the first "Globo Gym" plan but it could be used as a stand alone. This program could also be repeated for a few months. It requires a commitment of 5 days per week. Each workout ranges in time from 60 miniutes to 90 minutes. It is more complex in nature and more difficult than the first "Globo Gym" program. Progress the training by increasing weight, decreasing rest between sets, changing the speed of each rep (faster and more explosive, slower to increase time under tension, etc), and/ or add sets to increase volume as your work tolerance improves.

Work hard. Think hard. Good things will happen.


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