This is a program I've written for someone who has little to no prior training experience. Many of our current programs are written for an audience with lots of prior training history and they expect a lot out of a trainee going into it. Over the next few months, that'll be changing as we continually update the training section with new programs. 

The priorities in this program are as follows:

1. Building technical profiency (learning the movements and refining technique)

2. Building the habit (a gradual increase in frequency—the number of training sessions per week)

3. Building strength (while staying far away from concentric muscular failure)

I use some terminology that perhaps some of you will be unfamiliar with. If so, shoot me an email or, better yet, post a question to the forum and it'll get answered.


RIR is an acronym for 'reps in reserve'. This is a subjective measurement of proximity to concentric muscular failure. If you've been training for a long time it can be pretty easy to determine, but if you're brand new or inexperienced to training, basically—leave some reps in the tank. 4RIR means '4 reps in reserve', or, 'I'm pretty sure I could squat this, at most, 4 more times'. And you stop there. Remember, if you're starting from scratch, 1 squat is more than sitting on your couch, so don't be in a hurry to kill yourself. As Dan John says, training is doing 'a little, often, over the long haul.' That's what this program is designed to do. It gradually introduces you to some of the training modalities that we use in here everyday, but in a progressive way. 

Good luck, have fun, take it slowly and build good technique, use full ranges of motion, and chase mastery—not numbers. 

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