Challenge the Convention

  • Skeletal Muscle Fiber Types

    In Humans


    Gym Jones

    I absolutely love muscle physiology, enough to proclaim myself a serious enthusiast. In my living room I have several textbooks on the topic and quite possibly 100+ papers. It’s not at all uncommon for me to just randomly send an article to you because cle...

  • Make The Most Of Your Time

    Be The Dentist


    Michael Hulcher

    Time Isn’t an Excuse Training can have a remarkable effect on all aspects of your life. Improving physical fitness will make you healthier and better able to cope with stress. You will look better and feel more confident. Your psychological being will be...

  • Performance Based Supplements

    Get The Edge You Are Looking For


    Michael Hulcher

    In my last article I discussed supplements that may help with overall nutrition and wellness. Those supplements focused on building a foundation of overall health. They were simple vitamins and minerals that help with immunity, energy, digestion, etc. In...

  • Health Based Supplements

    The Nuts And Bolts


    Michael Hulcher

    Over the years I have fielded a lot of questions regarding supplements. Everyone seems to be looking for that training edge and for a magic pill that will allow them to achieve all of their training goals and dreams. Let me be very clear that there is no m...

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