Challenge the Convention

  • Unfuck Your Nutrition

    Rewriting My Relationship with Myself and With Food


    Jaelyn Wolf

    I am not special. My story is not unique. I don’t deserve your praise or your accolades. I am your daughter, your sister, your wife and your mother. I am your brother, your son and your father, too. I have spent a large portion of my life on and off, battl...

  • Training Through Pain: Salvation Through Suffering


    Michael Hulcher

    Are you willing to Suffer? When it comes to hard work perspective is everything. Do you work as hard as you think you do? When you go the gym are you really giving it everything you have or are you simply just showing up? If you want to achieve your go...

  • Training In Your 40's


    Mario Donato

    Its inevitable that we age…That is, unless you are like me (and maybe Benjamin Button). At least, that's how I feel! Yes - attitude helps. Lifestyle seriously helps and setting yourself up with good training and nutrition habits to win is a major plus. It'...

  • Toxic Behavior On BJJ Teams

    "You probably deserved it"


    Josh Hinger

    *this article was written +2 years ago. All the individuals mentioned have changed academies and are now training in much healthier environments. Many more personal testimonies were received from people all over the country, stories that were not very diff...

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