Challenge the Convention

  • Your Goals Should Scare You


    CJ Wagner

      First, let us take a look at what your goal is... Ask yourself; be honest, write it down, I can wait… Now, was your goal to lose X amount of weight or look good naked? Maybe run a 5k/10k/15k? Or deadlift so much weight the bar will bend? Maybe bench y...

  • Work Smarter NOT Harder!

    Delegate to Elevate Your Gym Business


    Joe Riggio

    Most gym owners start their businesses out of a passion for training, sports, fitness, helping others.  Too often though only to be stuck doing things they are not passionate about as the business grows.  Like all the things we hate… -Payroll-People iss...

  • Why Bother


    Adam Janke

    I never thought the day would come. That I would be one of them. But, before I knew it, the trap had sprung. Over the two months of November and December 2017, I trained 28 days out of an available 58. That’s a 48% grade if you’re counting. For some...

  • Who I Am

    and what this community means to me


    Jaelyn Wolf

      My power is not in my performance in the gym. Shocker…I know. I am not defined by the number on the scale nor the number I can pull off the ground at any given time. My power is not in the number at the end of an all-out effort on the assault bike or ro...

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