Challenge the Convention

  • Minimalism


    Brad Driver

    At the end of the day, kneel down in gratitude and give thanks for the opportunities and blessings for that day.  For a moment, release your thoughts of entitlement.  Today was a gift.  Be thankful. There are many references in many books about being born...

  • What is Epigenetics and Why Should I Care?


    Nate Chambers

    In the last article we introduced you to epigenetics and let you in on the secret that we can influence our genetics. We are no longer victims of our DNA. We have the opportunity every single day to influence our genes in order to live longer, healthier li...

  • Play!


    Brad Driver

      When did you last play?  I am a big fan of fitness.  Have been for a long time.  It feels great to hit a new PR at the gym.  It’s a wonderful dopamine hit when you can add the new number or time to the board and have others cheer you on.  We all go to ...

  • Lessons Learned on the Mats


    Jaelyn Wolf

    I’m sitting at my Jiu-Jitsu school as my house is being shown three times today. Friday’s are my favorite. Like, my absolutely favorite. I have every Friday blocked off on my calendar beginning at 2 pm and this is fairly non-negotiable for me. We have a tr...

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