The Mind is Primary

  • Altitude Training

    Live High Train Low


    Jenna Link

    I had a conversation recently that started out simply enough, “I have a guy who wants to come to Salt Lake to train for an improved row time, he might be able to break the American record.” Awesome, this is THE place to train. Can he find a pla...

  • Oral Contraceptives and Exercise Performance


    Jenna Link

    While I was researching our article on Planning Training Around the Menstrual Cycle I kept coming across studies that looked at exercise performance not only across the cycle in regularly menstruating women but also in oral contraceptive (OC) users. I...

  • Power-To-Weight Ratio

    Things in the world weigh what they weigh, but that goes for your own body weight as well.


    Paul Roberts

    I've spent the last eight plus years within the walls of Gym Jones, it has changed my life entirely. The environment and the people in it have taught me many things. One of the most notable is to be efficient. Efficient with time and efficient with energy....

  • Planning Training Around the Menstrual Cycle


    Jenna Link

    I feel like I should start this article with a catchy headline like “How to periodize your period!” It would probably draw you in right? We could talk about how to plan your entire month around timing your next PR attempt. Or how to change your...

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