New Partner at Gym Jones: Jared Wihongi


By: Gym Jones

Please join us in welcoming Jared Wihongi as a partner at Gym Jones. Jared is internationally recognized as an authority in the area of Close-Quarters Combat (CQC). He has built several businesses that cater to various demographics related to self-defense. 
His specialization is the integration of empty-hand combat, impact weapons, edged weapons and tactical firearms with heavy emphasis on police, military and self-defense application. His philosophies emphasize the importance of physical fitness and attribute enhancement training as an essential principle of general self-preservation. 
He has 20 years of experience working as a Police Officer and Operator on three USA SWAT Teams. He also has operational experience as a Contractor overseas. These experiences have heavily influenced his approach to teaching and applying close-combat tactics. 
Jared has taught CQC tactics to police and military Special Operation s personnel and civilian martial artists across North & South America, Western & Eastern Europe, East & Southeast Asia, Australasia and the Middle East.  
Jared has over 34 years of training in various striking, grappling and weapon based martial arts from around the world, and is one of only a handful of people globally who hold the advanced rank of 'Tuhon' in the Filipino combat art of Pekiti-Tirsia Kali. He is widely recognized as one of the world’s foremost authorities on the modern tactical application of the combat art of Kali.  
Jared first met and trained Gym Jones’s Lisa Boshard in the art of Kali around 2003, and got involved with Gym Jones workout programming around 2008. He and Lisa recently reconnected through Kali training, and the timing was right for Jared to get involved with the operations of Gym Jones.  

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