Jake Watson lives near Detroit, Michigan where he is an Instructor at Station 515. Originally inspired by the Gym Jones training philosophy, Jake spent years educating himself on all aspects of fitness. He studied various strength and conditioning programs, form and technique in the main barbell lifts and kettlebell movements, as well as diet and nutrition. He wanted to learn all he could and apply it to his own training. Over time, Jake developed a desire to teach others and that opportunity came when friend Chris Burkeybyle, Fully Certified Gym Jones Instructor and founder of Station 515, gave him the chance to shadow him at his gym. This allowed Jake to learn about coaching and dive deeper into the Gym Jones philosophy. He spent as much time as he could in the gym and quickly realized that training was his passion. Jake soon decided to retire from his work as a hairstylist and become a full time Instructor at Station 515. To further his education he attended the Gym Jones Fundamentals Seminar, the Intermediate and Advanced seminars lead by Bobby Maximus, and made an additional trip to Gym Jones to train with and learn from Bobby, one-on-one. Today, Jake uses his experiences to help people of all fitness levels push past their limitations and realize their full potential. He offers private and small group training at Station 515, rowing performance programming, and remote programming for off-site clients.

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