Mike Van Tassel's passion for success was manifested on the baseball diamond as a small child. While working his way up through collegiate baseball, Mike realized his passion didn’t necessarily lie in the game itself, but more specifically, in what made him good at the game – HARD WORK. Mike found joy in the process and development of success. In 2006 he chose to pursue this through the health and fitness industry. In early 2014, Mike’s life changed when he was introduced to the like-minded people at Gym Jones. The teaching and training of Bobby Maximus was an instant inspiration to him and greatly influenced the way he thinks and works today. The Gym Jones doctrine continues to be something that challenges his physical ability, mental depth, and thirst for success. Mike strives to be the best at what he does and is an example to those around him. Mike raises the bar and sets the pace by recreating standards for his clients, his friends, his family, and most importantly, himself. Mike is based out of Portland, Oregon, and professionally specializes in private one-on-one training, small groups, and online program design.

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