Cory is from Calgary, Alberta, Canada and is the first trainer in Western Canada to achieve full certification with Gym Jones. He is the principal of Trigger It Personal Training, and is a Certified Fitness Trainer and Youth Fitness Trainer. He is also a Specialist in Fitness Nutrition and specializes in one-on-one, small group and corporate training. Born and raised on a farm in rural Canada, Cory learned the values of hard work, ambition, integrity and teamwork from an early age. One of his first introductions into an active lifestyle was learning how to skate and play hockey by the age of four. When he wasn't playing competitive hockey, he was playing football and baseball, was actively involved in skiing. At the age of sixteen, Cory suffered a major accident that nearly paralyzed him and almost took his life. Since that time, he had to deal with weight gain and weight loss as well as the side effects of other physical and psychological effects of such an injury. Cory is currently an avid and competitive runner of marathons, half marathons, 10k, 5k, adventure and obstacle races. For the past six years, he has been competing in races in North America, as well as training others to get faster and stronger. As his need and desire to learn, improve and stay competitive grew, he came upon Gym Jones in early 2014. After attending the Fundamentals Seminar Level One, he knew he wanted more and to be part of something that resonated and challenged him. It was only a month later and he was back in Salt Lake City for the Intermediate Level Two seminar, and again was inspired for more. Soon afterwards, Cory suffered a major set back. He experienced a lower back injury that resulted in a bulged, herniated and torn disk. He was told that many of the things he was passionate about, including running and Gym Jones were probably over. After six months of back and core rehab, and following the nine GJ Training Philosophies, he was back in the gym training and running, getting stronger and faster for the Advanced Seminar Level Three in 2015. Cory was fortunate enough to have been invited back to SLC for his internship in early 2016, under the supervised guidance to learn and train directly with Bobby Maximus, Lisa Fresard, and Lisa Boshard. Cory's training and programming is directly influenced by his experience at Gym Jones. After fully applying the GJ training philosophies and theories, he has a passion for teaching and training individuals who are like minded and have the same belief. One of the biggest lessons he has learned is to never give up, "BE committed to DO what it takes, to HAVE what you want" in all areas of one's life.

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