Pieter is the first trainer from the UK to achieve full certification at Gym Jones. He has competed in a wide range of sports including football, boxing, athletics and basketball . His evolution in to a trainer was a natural progression having spent a lifetime in the gym, participating in a broad range of sport including both team and individual pursuits and having consistently studied training methodology and nutrition throughout his life. He first became a trainer in 2006 and has studied under top coaches including Charles Poliquin (PICP, Biosigniture), Adam Booth (Outbox) and Giles Greenwood (Olympic Lifting). However he considers the most significant and influential moment in his life as a trainer to be the day he met Mark Twight and Rob Macdonald at a Fundamentals Seminar in the UK in 2010. The way he has trained himself and his clients changed from that day. Seeking a better, more complete, more inspirational way of training that focuses on "the existence of genuine fitness" rather than the "appearance of it" became paramount to his programming. In his own words: "I felt exposed, inspired , humbled and changed by my first Gym Jones experience. Bobby revealed weaknesses that need correction and highlighted the existence of something better, broader yet more specific with a greater sense of athletic purpose. Nothing has been the same since. I have been further inspired by other Fully Certified Instructors and members of Gym Jones like Carolyn Parker, John Frieh, George Mayhew and feel very fortunate to have learned and trained with these people and to be part of the Gym Jones family." Pieter started coming out to Salt Lake City shortly after that first seminar and has since completed Intermediate, Advanced and his Internship at Gym Jones making him the first fully certified instructor outside of the U.S. He started is own company Vodden UNLTD to bring together a community that, through both individual and group work, carries the knowledge, work ethic and essence of Gym Jones to athletes and members of the public in the UK. He has brought his training up to a standard set by Gym Jones and coaches his community to follow the same path.

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