Ramy has been passionate about sports and fitness his entire life. He grew up playing tennis and was ranked in the top 60 Junior tennis players in the world. After finishing university he pursued a career in Sales And marketing and earned his MBA but the entire time remained passionate about fitness and kept coaching Tennis on a part time basis. In 2008, he decided to leave the corporate world and pursue his career as a full time Tennis coach. During this time he discovered that his passion for the strength and conditioning side of the sport exceeded his love for the technical side of it. For the next two years, he dove into literature and absorbed, tested and applied whatever Information he could get his hands on. Most of it was random and lacked structure and direction. It wasn’t until he came across Gym Jones in 2009 that he thought he had finally found “the source” of knowledge that he was looking for. In 2010 he made the trip to the UK for his first Gym Jones Fundamentals Seminar. The Gym Jones philosophy soon became the corner stone of everything that came afterwards. In 2010 he adopted CrossFit as a sport and started the first CrossFit affiliate in Egypt “CrossFit Stars”. Although his sport changed, his philosophy and training methodology never did: The philosophy and the methodology are solid but are not rigid. During the next four years CrossFit Stars continued to grow and to this day it remains the largest affiliate in Egypt. They are also credited to be the only Egyptian affiliate to qualify CrossFit athletes for African Regionals. During this time-period, Ramy continued his education at Gym-Jones until he completed his fully certified instructor requirements in the summer of 2014. He has also continued his education within CrossFit as well as other entities such as the RKC.

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