Noah first found strength and fitness at a young age, while studying martial arts. Through his training, he learned the value of physical capability—and how a strong mind is the key to making a real impact on the body. Believing that strength can have a transformative effect on one's entire life, Noah earned his B.S. in Exercise Science from Temple University in Philadelphia and founded Max-Level Fitness to help others create true progress and achieve their goals. He continued to seek more knowledge by earning his CSCS—as well as many strength-training certifications from StrongFirst, recently completing the Beast Tamer challenge. After hearing from several peers that he and Gym Jones shared similar beliefs, Noah attended the Fundamentals seminar in 2014. There he heard Bobby Maximus articulate the same training philosophy that he himself followed but had not been able to put into words. The principles, the programming, and the real work done during that first trip led Noah to return for the Intermediate and Advanced seminars, and inspired him to bring the Gym Jones training mindset to more people. Noah can be found in Philadelphia, teaching, training, and sharing his passion for strength and fitness with any individual willing to do the work.

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