Human performance has always been a fascination to Nathan which lead to studying a Bachelor of Exercise Science & Human Movement, as a result he worked up to positions as an intern then strength & conditioning coach with with professional & semi professional teams in the UK and Australia. He first came across Gym Jones in 2007 when they were involved in the preparation of the cast for the 300 movie. After following from a distance for a number of years he jumped at the opportunity to be part of the first Australian seminar in Perth. There he found the Gym Jones philosophy aligned with his own beliefs and offered athletes and individuals something that sports science failed with. True performance lies in the ability strive ahead when others won’t. Something that is too often lost when science bubble wraps athletes to ‘protect’ them. Nathan now focuses on helping the recreational athletes get the best out of themselves. Whether your the best player on the team or the guy just trying to cross the finish line on a 5km run. The Gym Jones training philosophies and methods of preparing your mind and body in the gym to maximise performance out of it are a major component of his athletic preparation.

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