Coach Joe is the original founder and CEO of Varsity House Gym. He started training seriously when he was twelve years old, and it has been his passion ever since. Joe has been a lifelong competitive athlete, and his love for sports has been the driving force behindVarsity House. Joe holds a Master’s Degree in Human Physiology, and has been Anatomy & Physiology professor for over a decade. Each summer Joe mentors students and coaches from around the world who wish to pursue a career in strength & conditioning teaching them his training methods. Joe has always followed the mantra that a “Coach” has to lead by example, and live the code alongside his athletes. Joe’s drive to better himself both personally and physically have taken him all over the world in pursuit of greater knowledge, ultimately leading him to Gym Jones. That journey helped open a whole new world of ideology and practical application forachieving new levels of fitness for everyone at Varsity House. His time at Gym Jones has raised the standard in which physical development is regarded. Now having been training athletes and like-minded individuals for nearly 20 years, he has acquired a wealth of firsthand knowledge, from many training disciplines. His scientific approach to training has helped develop some of the country’s best NFL, MLB, Olympic, and Collegiate Athletes. Along with his business partner Dan Goodman, and a team of amazing coaches, Joe’s goal for Varsity House is to be a global leader in sports performance, and coaching education. “The journey toward sports mastery never ends…” – Coach Joe Riggio

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