Chris Burkeybyle – better known simply as Burkey – first discovered the deeper implications of fitness while training as a wilderness first responder in Bozeman, Montana. Through that lens, “fitness” was no longer merely a cosmetic goal, but a survival trait. It became apparent that certain intangible qualities – psychological fitness, mental toughness and grit - were the determining factors in ones success . To that end, he began to study, to seek out those who could teach him how use physical training to adjust attitudes, to correct imbalances and shape himself (and eventually others) to truly carry weight. In 2006 Burkey made his first of many trips to Gym Jones. Armed with a wealth of new knowledge, and seeing the benefits of mentorship and a fiercely honest peer group, he began to set plans into motion. Returning to his home outside Detroit, Michigan, Burkey turned his garage into a bare bones gym. Drawing on the lessons learned in the years he worked as a craftsman and a designer – and the questions posed during his time in Salt Lake - he forged practical skills and a love of philosophy into a force of change. After three years of diligent work, he accepted the challenge of training a friend. This responsibility resonated with him, spurring him on to study harder, to ask even more questions, to learn, and eventually – to start another business. In July of 2010 Station 515 was born. In its current embodiment, it exists within a 2500 square foot facility in Ferndale, Michigan. In this small, private location, Burkey works to create an environment that pushes and pulls, questions and guides each individual towards the embodiment their full potential. A place where philosophy has consequences. Be it in a group or a personal setting, sport specific or general fitness, the common thread is the design – to find the problem, and to fix the problem. To understand and to apply. To raise the bar.

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