Born and raised in the Bahamas, Mario had no choice but to become aquatic. Surrounded by Swimmers, Free-divers and Scuba Divers he learned about the ocean first hand. His lessons started to pay off fast. At age 10 he started winning swimming competitions and free-diving down to 10m/32ft on a single breath of air. As he grew older his passion for the water strengthened. Becoming a Scuba Diving Instructor he travelled the world for the next 10 years exploring every major ocean. During his travels he was fortunate enough to learn and train with the best record holding free-divers in the world such as William Trubridge and Martin Stepanek. During this time he became an accomplished free-diver and setting records amongst his mentors with a max depth of 93m/305ft and a 8’ 30” breath hold along with dropping his heart rate down to 20 beats a minute at depth, something only found in marine mammals and other top free-divers. In 2006 while training for his last dive he stumbled across the Gym Jones website. Mario wrote Gym Jones expressing that he was training for a dive and had been revisiting the website for inspiration and assistance. The seed became planted when Gym Jones replied with a very supportive and interested response to Mario’s letter. For the next few years he followed Gym Jones and in 2010 became a Salvation Member. He visited Gym Jones a few times a year. While there, Bobby Maximus, Lisa Boshard, and Carolyn Parker had a profound effect on him and his outlook on fitness. Mario has been fortunate enough to train Professional Athletes and Celebrities over the past 5 years. In 2014 he opened CMD GYM. “Center Of Mass Destruction” in Sweden where he continues to train professionals and Athletes. Mario feels the biggest lesson he has learned is: the body waits for the mind to catch up.

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