JC defies labels. On most days, he is successful practicing oral and maxillofacial surgeon in Austin, Texas. On all days, he is fiercely competitive and strives to deliver his best result(s), whether in the operating room or at the gym. Surgery and fitness are not as dissimilar as they may appear. He was always athletic and competitive in wrestling and snowboarding, but his fitness journey, or at least how he remembers it, began 10 years ago. He was in a rut with his typical workouts at the gym (back/biceps, chest/triceps, or leg day) so he moved on to more ‘full body’ workouts with a local CrossFit gym. CrossFit, while initially challenging, did nothing to sustain his attention, but it did teach him the importance of mobility and the concept of overall ‘fitness’. Fast forward a year and JC was ready to push his body and his mind to new levels. He just needed a coach or like-minded individuals to take him to the next level. During this time, he met David and Courtney DeLeon of OTL (Of The Lion Fitness). Through the culture of the OTL family, rooted in close-knit group of individuals with the mantra, ‘Effort Over Everything”, he found both inspiration and reward. The OTL culture is not about self over everything but about inspiring a community. While being highly motivated by those around him, he was inspiring others. He was then introduced to Gym Jones where the philosophy and mindset that exemplified his type of training was solidified. JC enjoys training the athlete to the grandmother, from the beginner to the advanced. His only requirement is, you guessed it, effort! It will be difficult to find him without a smile on his face in just about any situation. The Gym Jones philosophy has not only helped him in the gym, but he finds the principles applicable to all parts of his life, both professional and personal. He is currently a part of OTL fitness where he participates, assists, and trains group classes.

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