CJ is a native of Hershey Pennsylvania who currently lives in Houston Texas with his wife Paula. In 2011 he obtained his National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) certification and began training at Club 1000, a private training facility in downtown Houston, formerly known as Houstonian Lite. CJ mainly trains in private 1 on 1 settings, small group sessions and an occasional kickboxing class. In 2012 his sister had a flesh eating bacteria who had to have emergency surgery to remove the infected tissue. CJ helped his sister to regain her strength and one year later she had enough strength to fight off a would be rapist and escaped with only minor cuts and bruises. He knew then he had found his calling to help others better themselves. He began competing in Obstacle Course Racing (OCR) and has completed many races and endurance events. He has even qualified for OCR Worlds. CJ has recently obtained his Spartan SGX and is now training anyone wanting to compete in or complete OCR events. In 2015 he was on a trip to Salt Lake City and found himself at Gym Jones where he fell in love with the culture. After his trip he found Byron Godfrey and Chris Courtright at Misfit Strength and Conditioning, where he completed his internship and now continues to help build the culture of like minded individuals coming together to build a stronger community.

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