Sanja has been interested in sports and training in all shapes and sizes, even before she could walk her parents encouraged her to play around, be active and develop physically. By the age of 12 she received invitations of three different top sport associations (tennis, speed skating and soccer) to start her athletic career. Eventually she made it to the Dutch National Soccer team where she was first exposed to Strength & Conditioning and sport specific training. A couple of years later she went to an art academy where she learnt to develop concepts, think outside of conventional systems and think in solutions instead of problems. She relies on these skills to coach and program for all kinds of people, goals and outcomes while continuing to developing herself with new studies and courses. She is convinced that as long as someone is willing to put in the work and develop the right mindset and discipline, you are capable of much more than you've ever thought and break through self-imposed limitations. The Mind is Primary! Sanja looks at the person she's working with and how she can help that person the most by adjusting her coaching style to meet each individuals specific needs. With this personal approach she believes her coaching can reach the full potential of each and every person she works with. She's convinced that the things you do inside the gym should transfer to what you do outside the gym, whether it's a sport specific goal or just to be better in everyday life.

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