Sean Mata is a husband to his best friend, father of a beautiful baby girl, owner of Covenant Gym, and a firm believer that, “The Mind is Primary.” In 2009, Sean began his pursuit in owning a gym while working as a locker room attendant at a fancy health club in Houston, Texas. Over the course of three years, his responsibilities included front desk personnel, group exercise instructor, personal trainer, and membership manager. There he studied the infrastructure of the business. About the same time he was introduced to CrossFit and began training at a box where he thrived on the community atmosphere. In December 2012 he opened his own affiliate, Covenant CF. In 2014 he earned a spot as a regional athlete in the CF games. CF influenced him but he knew the business model wasn’t the right direction for Covenant. In 2018 he decided to drop the affiliation and complete the beginner, intermediate and advanced Gym Jones seminars. Ultimately it was best choice he made; he was surrounded with like-minded individuals that shared similar core values. Sean puts everything he has into Covenant Gym and it’s members while giving all credit to, “The Mind is Primary.”

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