Sue is co-owner of KyBRa Athletics in Knoxville, TN, a strength and conditioning facility that brings athletic training and discipline to individuals from all walks of life. Susan comes to Gym Jones with a background in endurance training, mountain sports, and vast experience balancing the busy life of being a mother, athlete, and business owner. She is a champion triathlete, a former Division 1 collegiate athlete, a former special ed teacher, and a mother to three active children. Sue works hard and with purpose in everything she does, and will do whatever it takes to ensure everyone under her guidance meets their athletic goals. She specializes in women’s fitness and athletic conditioning, and having been through 3 pregnancies, she is an excellent resource for women looking to regain their fitness after having children. She understands the busy lives that parents and working professionals lead, and she excels at helping others juggle and balance hectic schedules. Sue has a passion for hard work and excellence, and she does everything in her power to ensure her athletes’ success.

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