For as long as I can remember, i’ve always been obsessed with optimising human performance. I guess the infatuation came from an admiration of my Uncle, an ultra marathon runner named Pat Farmer who as a boy I watched run around Australia, across the Simpson desert & more recently from the north pole to south pole. He was a man that taught me the true strength of the mind, a mantra I now know as “the mind is primary”. Whilst attending high school on Sydney’s northern beaches I developed a passion for weightlifting & rugby though my keen interest in human performance remained and thus led me to science. I attained a Bachelor of Medical science degree from the University of Sydney majoring in anatomy and histology. Whilst studying at university I worked as a personal trainer at Chocolate Box Training where my interest in Gym Jones evolved. Together with fellow Gym Jones instructors Jacob Graham & Ryan Abbott we travelled to Salt Lake City determined to reinvent the way we trained and programmed for our clients. This quickly snowballed into an appreciation for the Gym Jones community, methodologies and keen focus on the minds ability to push the body beyond any predetermined limitations. Today I specialise in athletic development and am the head strength coach at Chocolate Box Training. I work with a broad scope of clients from international rugby athletes to endurance enthusiasts and everything in-between. Strength and conditioning is my true pas

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