Reinhard has always had a passion for training for real world tasks. Having played high level sports (especially rugby) physical preparation was always a very important element. Studying to become a lawyer took a turn when he found Gym Jones online and was engulfed by the ideology and just wanted to learn more. Through following Gym Jones he found Roark Gyms in South Africa and applied for the general Manager position when Roark opened its first location in Johannesburg. Under the guidance and mentorship of James White he grew from a boy into a young man as he had the responsibility of running, growing and leading an all men's gym. Reinhard visited Gym Jones for the first time in 2015 for a private seminar with Rob Macdonald and knew then that he wanted to pursue the challenging but rewarding path to become fully certified. The path to fully certified has been full of growth on a personal and professional level for Reinhard and the Gym Jones community has had an significant impact on his life. After being the General Manager and Head trainer of Roark Johannesburg for two years Reinhard moved to the US to be with his wife. He currently trains at the DogPound in NYC where he is the Training Manager and Head of Development. He trains a broad variety of clients. Reinhard speciality is training people for performance whether that's in a sport or being ready for life! Getting people through that mental barrier that they're always capable of more is a passion of his as it has played an integral part in his growth too.

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